Would you like to sell your timber or a forest?
You will be in good hands with us!

We buy timber for Czech and Austrian sawmills since 2013.
We arrange the timber transport by road or rail and keep an eye on the quality of wood.

The state of Czech forests

As a result of water scarcity and dehydrated land, our forests are weakened. The bark beetle outbreaks are erupting and spreading across the country. Due to this bark beetle calamity, unplanned logging has increased which lead to the decline in wood prices. As it is a busy time for logging companies, the forest owners often struggle to find one.

Thanks to a long-term cooperation with the sawmills, we are always able to sell our customer’s timber.

Why to use our services

Thanks to our experience and market knowledge, we get better prices

In 2020, our prices were 17,9 % higher than the national average

We are able to make a timber sale contract for any volume

Our frequent clients are Lesy ČR (Forest of the Czech Republic), Vojenské lesy a statky (Army forest of Czech Republic), municipal forests, as well as private forests. We have framework agreements with some of our suppliers. Long-term cooperation and mutual satisfaction are our priorities.

Wood purchasing

We purchase timber from both private owners and public entities throughout Moravia and Vysočina region. The price depends on the distance from the sawmill and the current wood prices.

Other services:

We buy timber of all qualities

We buy timber of all qualities, especially spruce and pine round wood, larch round wood, wood suitable for pallets production, pulp wood, hardwood, whole-stem logs, firewood.

We buy:

Forest Purchasing

We buy forests throughout the Czech Republic both with the forest stand and after logging. We will do a free analysis of the condition of your forest and its pricing. We will help you with the purchase contract, its transfer to the real estate cadastre, and the property transfer tax payment.

To make the pricing, we will need to know:

Wooden terraces

We install beautiful wooden terraces according to your wishes. Our terraces are safe and made of very resistant exotic wood. Our company cooperates only with the suppliers who sell wood from sustainable resources and protect rainforests from illegal logging.

What materials do we use for our terraces?

For the pricing of your terrace, we will need to know its size and the chosen material

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